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Team of excellence

The key personnel at BitraNet have vast and proven experience in the global software market in executing large offshore and on-site projects for companies of international repute . They are also known for their technical and managerial capabilities in the areas of Web Development and InterNet Technologies.

This proven experience at BitraNet makes the difference in the way the business is conducted with the clients and business associates. Many of the team members are Certified Professionals of global technologies like Sun, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, etc.

People - Our Biggest Intellectual Capital Asset

People are at the core of BitraNet's success. By providing a challenging work environment. BitraNet   helps attract and retain top talent. Great care is taken in recruiting the best people. Our in-house training facilities focus on continuous value addition . And by giving free access to the latest in technology. We help our people stay at the leading edge of software engineering skills.

We employ highly qualified technical experts as consultants to our clients as well as develop a network of relationships with key people in other specialized areas.

We realize that people are critical resource in the knowledge - intensive consulting business. Spearheaded by the best professionals in the industry, BitraNet focuses its consulting practices on partnering value-based solutions that eventually trained and prepare corporates for technical self-sufficiency with the medium-Internet. Young dynamic and innovative most of BitraNet's consultants are Engineers with a sound grounding in Internet Business Systems and Practices.

BitraNet takes pride in a team that is absorbed after going trough stringent process of selection. Currently, a team of 40+ highly skilled Designers & Developers are working with us on a fulltime basis. All the team Members are suitably qualified with 3-7 plus experience in respective technologies. We have a rigorous training procedure before inducting people in BitraNet.

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